A royal salute to the commonwealth – Peter Oborne

The aim of the paper is to analyze, the text “A royal salute to the commonwealth” written by Peter Oborne “ focus points are on the writer`s argumentation and on the role of the commonwealth as presented in the text.

The text “A royal salute to the commonwealth” was written by Peter Oborne and was published in 2011. The text is about after the second world war, when all the British empires colonies was broken. The organization from World War 2 is called the commonwealth union today and it consist of 54 countries that has a history and values. Today people claim it to be outdated and that it is an organization without a meaning. The text is a responds from Peter Oborne to the critique. He tells in the text, how important role the commonwealth union will have in the future.

Duke William and Duchess Kate, they were going to visit Canada`s National war memorial. On their visit, they visited the national war memorial, for the Canadian soldiers who fought with the Englishmen under the two world wars. We get the impression of that Peter Oborne sees the visit of Duke William and Duchess Kate, as a proof of the community that binds the countries together. A community that started with the commonwealth union, between the two countries Britain and Canada. The commonwealth union was founded after the Second World War. It started out as an organization based on human rights and democracy. A lot of colonies chose to become part of the organization, but as the years progressed forward the economic crisis also got under pressure. In this text Peter Oborne’s augments is about how the political leaders in Britain must play a bigger role in politic all over the world.

Oborne makes use of a lot of arguments to build his text up. He talks about the commonwealth and its importance. Oborne doest have anything negative to say about the commonwealth and mostly all what he says is positive thing. but he criticizes the former British rulers for not taking the commonwealth serious and he uses a negative way to describe these rules. “The Commonwealth never fitted into New Labour’s relentless modernizing vision. Blair regarde traditional British values and identities as xenophobic, if not racist” (l. 23-25), but it is not all British rulers who didn’t take the commonwealth serious enough, according to Oborne the queen helped to ensure the commonwealth success. “There is one urgent cause for concern, however. The central reason for the success of the commonwealth has been the Queen. She is the talisman figure at the heart of it all, and has been present at every commonwealth conference for the past 60 years. She know most Commonwealth leaders personally, and many of them are now old friends. When she dies the commonwealth will be thrown into crisis.” (50.55). He is afraid that the community of the commonwealth will collapse when the queen dies. He criticizes the former British leaders, because they didn’t care about the commonwealth and British History. In his arguments, he makes it clear that he thinks that none of them took the commonwealth serious, and in the text he says; “Over the past few decades Britain has been unlucky in its leaders. With only a few exceptions they have been hostile or blind to British History.” (2. 75.-76.)

He makes use of many negative words and generalize often in the text when he talks about the former leaders of Britain. When he writes about the Duke and Duchess, he talks writes about how they in the future could do great things for the British monarchy, and make the commonwealth countries their priority when they visit countries.

In conclusion, Peter Oborne criticizes the former leaders of Britain because they didn’t take the commonwealth seriously. He thinks that the Queen makes a good example on how a British leader should be, and that is the reason why he thinks it’s all going to collapse when she dies. He wants the Duke and Duchess to follow in the Queens footsteps. His writing technique is filled with negative words and he generalize often.


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