Book review – Bridget Jones’ diary

What do you like about the book?

What I like is to read the struggles in the book. How Bridget it write in her diary is really funny to read! Sometimes you can read how much she is in love and other times she write about some low points in her life. Because it was a diary, it was easy to read so I was within a few days ready with reading.

What don’t you like?

I don’t like that Daniel Cleaver cheated on Bridget with another woman!!! I don’t know and I don’t understand why people do that. And Daniel was already engaged, that is really sad for Bridget, because she really likes him and he was the one for her until she finds out that he was cheating.

What part, fragment, did you particularly like? Explain why.

The part when Mark and Bridget are back again together. Because Mark is a really nice and proper. He is a guy who will never cheat on her! So when I read the were a couple.

What is the ‘problem’ in the story? Is the problem solved? How, or why not?

Bridget is single and she is kind of ‘hopeless’. Then she met two guys. She fall in love with her boss but he cheated on her and she also fall in love with Mark, she met him at a party from her parents. (because her parents, special report: her mother, wanted that Bridget met Marcy!)

How would you deal with the problem?

I would be hopeless. I think I will met the right guy at the right moment. Maybe I would go more out with friends of go to the city so I can met more guys. I wouldn’t stay days home and be obsessed with food, drank and cigarettes!

Write down 10 English words that were new to you and translate them.

English Dutch

Sepulchral Sepulcraal

Immaculately Onberispelijk

Hauteur Hoogmoed

Grudging Tegenzin

Bailiffs Gerechtsdeurwaarders

Opaque Ondoorzichtig

Bollocks Vergallen//vergiftigen

Amiss Verkeerd

Marvellous Wonderbaarlijk

dexterity Behendigheid

Describe the climax in the book

The most important moment in the book is the moment when Daniel Cleaver cheated on Bridget. It is sad for Bridget but on that moment changed a lot of things. Her parent get divorced, her mother find a new man who is actually a criminal. After all where her parent back together and Mark and Bridget fell in love with each other. So there is a happy end.

Explain the title

The title is: Bridget Jones’s diary. This is the title because this book tells the stories which Bridget Jones wrote in her diary. So you’re reading in her diary. That is why the title Bridget Jones’s diary is!

Main characters

Bridget Jones

She is a thirty years old woman. She is really scared because she thinks that she will always be single because she don’t have a boyfriend. She isn’t the thinnest. So she start a diary, a kind of ‘food’ diary. She write how much calories she eats and how much cigarettes she smokes and how much alcohol she drinks because she want a smaller body so she want less cigarettes, less calories and less alcohol.

Daniel Cleaver

Daniel is Bridget’s boss. Bridget fell in love in the beginning. The send some mails etc. He is really charming but at the end cheated Daniel on Bridget!

Mark Darcy

Mark Darcy is a lawyer. Bridget met him at a party. Bridget’s mother wanted that Bridget and Mark met each other because Bridget was (still) single. In the beginning is Mark a little boring but after a while, they know each other better and Bridget likes Mark than a lot!


This is the story about Bridget Jones, she is a single woman who is thirty-three years old. She lives in London, works at a publishing house and is looking for a perfect man, so she dates a lot. But most time the dates didn’t work because she choose every time the wrong man. Bridget isn’t happy with her body, she is a little curvy, so she is trying to stop with drinking, eat less calories and stop smoking cigarettes. Bridget’s mother gives a dinner and Bridget and some friends of her mother are invited, including Mark Darcy. Mark Darcy is a lawyer but Bridget thinks he is boring.

Then she met Daniel Cleaver, her boss. They start dating but he cheated on her with another woman. Bridget find out that he is already engaged. She is upset and it took a long time to get over him. She have luckily some good friends: Jude, Sharon and Tom (he is gay) and they always listen to her when she is ‘down’. But there happened something horrible: her mother want to divorce. Her mother find a younger man, who turns to a criminal because he has a ‘company’ where people invest in apartments but that apartment don’t exist. Happily: he is arrested. Meanwhile find Bridget another job, now she is working for a TV channel.

Bridget goes to a Christmas party at her parents’ house (there parents are back together). Mark takes Bridget on a date. Around new years eve fall Bridget in love with Mark and the are a couple!

Title: Bridget Jones’s diary

Author: Helen Fielding

Publisher: Picador

Number of pages: 307 pages


Most time plays the story in London. There are different places, par example: at the office, when she is in the house of when she is at her friends’ house.


The theme is obviously: love problems

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