Essay: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins

This book is written by JOHN PERKINS, who born in a middle class family during the 1945.The book named ‘Confession of Economic Hit Man’ is written by john and it was published in 2004. The book is all about his childhood to the time he become economist (EHMs).
The book is of 34 chapters the first few chapters all about the John personality as a vernal man. Later he discussed himself as economic hit man. And over the entire book is about the power of a Developed Countries and Government Activities. That affects the nation or native population and effectiveness of democracy.
John joined Chas T. Main a consulting firm as a former chief economist after some time period he was promoted as Manager of Economic and Regional planning. In MAIN his job objective was to enhance credibility because of his judgmental sense of right and wrong. He would have to compare revenues of various projects and to justify the loans otherwise the loans would not be provided. Perkin was making the countries turn into a victim of debt burden. The creditor’s was usually IMF, USAID and THE WORLD BANK. These all creditors are also owned by the US.
The author further explains the problem of a poor nation. He defined the true responsibilities of EHMs. He explains that EHMs is responsible to promote the interest of US. As US interest helps the less developed countries to promote all sector also including industrial sectors having big debts.
It also reveals that how America proceed in Indonesia to dominate the Communist power. America via economic door’s getting involved in all aspects of Decisions making, Promoting Capitalism but at the same time playing the game of increasing debts and increasing ratio of poverty as mentioned above.
Author clearly admits that America agents in WORLD BANK handling data as per American interest policy and America is determined to protect the interest at any cost.
Author realizes that US role was very materialistic in his career.

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