Essay: Margaret Murphy -‘Low Visibility’

Many women experience violence in their relationships. Their fear keeps them from escaping, but fortunately, some women find a way out. Margaret Murphy’s short story ‘Low Visibility’ gives us a realistic insight of how people can remold other people negatively, and yet even though they have reached the very bottom, hope can still bring them back their spirits and rights.

To prevent yourself, in any given situation, from falling into invisibility, you need to step into character and define yourself and your worth. If not you one day will slip away, both physically and psychologically. The main character from the short story ‘Low Visibility’ from 2008, is one of the fortunate who act before it is too late

The short story ‘Low Visibility’ by Margaret Murphy is a fictional story, which deals with many topics, such as violence, love, hate, oppression, and right and wrong and the story is told by an un??instructed and omniscient 3.person narrator who tells the story as it unfolds.

When someone feels oppressed, and has been for a period of time, it is in the human nature to fight it.

Oppression is very prevalent all around the world, International wars, Civil wars, hunger strikes and public demonstrations are all good examples of this, and they are a part of our daily global lives. It happens all the time. The masses will always object to what does not seem fair. It may take years, but it will come. This is also the case for the main character of Low Visibility, Laura, as well. She has been humiliated and oppressed for many years, and suddenly she breaks free, to be herself. .

The story takes place in London, and unfolds in two settings: the streets and John and Laura’s apartment. The setting indicates that Laura and John does not have a lot of money, and are probably low class or low middle class, because they live in an apartment above a shop, which is not normally a location high class or rich middleclass people, would choose to live.

Laura is an oppressed woman, who is in a domestic violent relationship with her husband John. She is very insecure and does not say much. Laura was not always like this, but after she married John he changed her. She used to be an energetic and happy girl. She used to have a spirit and a good sense of humor, and she was always excited and lively.

The story tells how she endures the pain her husband inflict her with. Her life with John is based on fear and that is why she has not left John ended her misery yet. After many years of being oppressed, Laura has started to loose her self. She sees her own life with a filter, which results in that she cannot see how much pain she suffers because of John.

The structure in the story lets us jump a bit back and forth between two settings, as we are shown what is happening in the streets

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