Essay notes: Salinger – Biography

His first publication was in 1940, He published a short story first
While he was in Valley Ford he began to write short stories
He would write his stories under a blanket with a flashlight after the light out hours
While he was serving our country some of his short stories got published
His peak in literary publication happened in 1948 when five of his short stories were produced
When The Catcher in the Rye came out in July of 1951 there were many complaints about the book
the Catcher in the Rye was the most banned book from schools for many years
While many people were complaining about the book many people also saw the book as a masterpiece
Many newspapers gave the book great reviews making the book a great success
The book made it to number 4 on the New York Times best selling book list
His successes made Salinger shun making himself not go public about many things
1954 we completely hid himself from the public
He has not written any public work since 1966
He says that his work is for his own enjoyment and not for the public to read
Some publishers published his short stories in which he would sue because he did not want his stories public

The only novel that he has written is the Catcher in the Rye
He did not want his book to be published
His short stories were practices for his novel
He would put different plots and characters into his only novel
As the popularity of the book started to take off and he started to become less public about his life
He became unpublic about his life and his literary
He has won two legal suits against unauthority publication of some of his short stories
He prefers to be inside his private house then the public life
Many books have come off of his books
Some movies have also been released that is related to his book
Many of his short stories have been released
He has filed a lawsuit on a group of short stories and on a biography
He wrote in his school newspaper while he was a student
In his group of nine short stories they do not have the same characters as the Catcher in the Rye though they do have many of the same plots and character personalities as in his Novel

In 1963 Salinger publishes his last book
The success of the Catcher in the Rye gave him instant fame which is not something that he necessarily needed
After the book was published he started the process of retreating from public life
You can relate the author to ‘Perfect Day for Bananafish’ because he fought in war and the husband also fought in war
There are five short stories that have not been released that are going to be released after his death that happened in 2010
He had many relationship with young people that you can relate to the husband and the little girl in ‘Perfect Day for Bananafish’

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