Essay: The fault in our stars

1. Bibliographic information

a. The fault in our stars

b. John green

c. Lemniscaat

d. 2012

2. Title explanation

a. It’s a sentence that the writer peter van houten schrijft in zijn brief naar hazel.
b. Okay? Okay. hazel and August always say that to each other when they call.

3. main characters

Hazel Grace Lancaster:

A lovely girl with short brown hair and brown eyes She’s a sweet girl that’s very mature for her age. She has cancer because of that she always has her oxygen bottle with her every where she goes.

Augustus Waters:

The pretty young man who hazel fell in love with. He has dark blond hair and brown eyes. He’s a charming guy with a big heart. He had cancer but later in the story he gets it again and he dies at the end.

Peter van houten:

A confused writer where hazel is fan of. He has written a very nice thick book and that hazel has read . It goes very bad with him because he is totally confused and drinks a lot.

4. Write a summary.

Hazel Grace Lancaster, as she battles cancer. Not only is Hazel trying to live the normal life of a 16-year-old girl, but she is also struggling with what it will be like for her parents after she dies. While Hazel attends a church support group for cancer survivors, she meets Augustus Waters. While Augustus had a type of cancer that cost him his leg and wears (lets say) a fake leg,he will probably life longer than hazel .From the first day that Hazel meets Augustus, the two where insprable. they have to read each other faverouite book. She want’s that Augustus reads it and in turn, he wants her to read the book that is the basis of his favorite video game. Hazel relates to the character in her favorite book, Anna, because Anna has cancer. Augustus and Hazel are intressed over the book because both of them of wanna to find out how the story ends because the author stops the book before conclusion on what happens to each of the characters. Augustus joins Hazel’s to go too the book’s author, Peter Van Houten, to ask the answers that they need. Augustus even uses a wish foundation to fly him and Hazel to Amsterdam, where the author lives, to talk with him in person. But when they get there hes is a weird and confused man and drinks a lot. At the end they don’t get any answsers on any of there questions . While Hazel is the one that is (lets say) is ready to die, Augustus ends up telling Hazel that at his recent scan, the doctors discovered that his entire body is filled with cancer. Hazel spends the last months of Augustus’s life caring for him and loving him.

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